About the Artist

Melanie Brear is a Glastonbury based artist and illustrator of spiritual, visionary and fantasy art.  She was born in Bradford, UK in 1970.  Melanie comes from a diverse background - and cites some of the many places she has lived as influencing her work, which range from Edinburgh to Exmoor!  Her first occupation was as a self-employed picture framer, but later she found her true calling as an artist.  Since then she has self-trained and taught herself traditional oil painting techniques.  

Her interests are in the esoteric, spirituality, Jungian psychology and healing. 

Dreams and the hypnagogic state both play a part in facilitating her creative process.  Some of her art is inspired by the imagination – where she fuses fantastic and mythical elements into a realistic style.

Melanie has taken part in a joint National Trust exhibition at East Riddlesden Hall in West Yorkshire and her most recent solo exhibition was at Glastonbury Galleries, Glastonbury, UK in 2016