About the Artist

Melanie Brear is a Glastonbury based artist and illustrator of spiritual, visionary and fantasy art.  She was born in Bradford, UK in 1970.  Melanie comes from a diverse background - and cites some of the many places she has lived as influencing her work, which range from Edinburgh to Exmoor!  Her first occupation was as a self-employed picture framer, but later she found her true calling as an artist.  Since then she has self-trained and taught herself traditional oil painting techniques.  

Her interests are in the esoteric, spirituality, Jungian psychology and healing. 

Dreams and the hypnagogic state both play a part in facilitating her creative process.  Some of her art is inspired by the imagination – where she fuses fantastic and mythical elements into a realistic style.

Melanie has taken part in a joint National Trust exhibition at East Riddlesden Hall in West Yorkshire and her most recent solo exhibition was at Glastonbury Galleries, Glastonbury, UK in 2016.  Earlier this year her work was exhibited at Oxford International Art Fair - and she will be taking part in the upcoming Exhibition of Mythic Arts and Crafts in Glastonbury, 29th and 30th September.   A collection of her art can also be seen online at Visionary Art Gallery – which includes some of the best visionary, imaginative realistic and surrealist artists worldwide.  Her art is also featured in an Austrian publication: The Lexicon of Fantastic Artists: ISBN 9783746035307.